24/7 Towing and Wrecker Services

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Accident Recovery

After an accident, we’ll clean up any broken glass or debris left in the road.

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Winching & Extraction

Need a vehicle extracted? We’re equipped to take care of that too.

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Light-Duty Towing

Trust us with all your light-duty towing needs, including cars and small trucks.

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Medium-Duty Towing

For box trucks and more, count on our medium-duty towing services.

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Heavy-Duty Towing

Motorhomes, RVs, and semi-trailers are no match for our competent heavy-duty towing services.

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Heavy-Duty Suspension

We can handle any heavy-duty suspension in our shop, thanks to our Hunter Alignment System.

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Heavy-duty off-road

Our heavy-duty off-road equipment hauls cars as well as eighteen-wheelers.

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Heavy-Duty Hazmat Cleanup

Same as previous. Rest assured that we can tackle any type of cleanup, and we’re proud to be official Spill Tackle dealers.

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Annual DOT Inspections

Take care of inspections with us and save time and effort.

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Air Cushion recovery

We use air cushions to lift and upright heavy-duty vehicles and equipment. With the right placement and quick inflation, we can right your trailers without offloading precious cargo or risking further damage.

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Load Shifts & Transfers

If you’re driving a tractor-trailer, we’ll assist you with any load shifts or load transfers.

Fred Robertson Wrecker

Light-Duty Hazmat Cleanup

After an accident, we’ll clean the scene and make it good as new. We’re proud to employ certified hazmat technicians, including office personnel, drivers, and some mechanics.


Heavy-Duty Alignments and Tire Balance

Reduce dangerous shaking and vibrating at higher speeds and keep your rims protected with tire balancing services. We also offer alignments to keep your heavy-duty vehicle's tires even and safe.

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Looking for a reliable wrecker service? Call Fred Robertson Wrecker Service to handle your towing, suspension, and hazmat cleanup needs.


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