Tuscaloosaā€™s Most Reliable Wrecker Service

exceeding customer expectations since 1936

Fred Robertson Wrecker Service

exceeding customer expectations since 1936

At Fred Robertson Wrecker Service, weā€™ve been exceeding customer expectations since 1936. From light-duty towing to hazmat cleanup and more, our wide range of services means weā€™re equipped to handle almost anything.

We offer 24/7 towing and recovery services, so no matter what time or what day you run into trouble, you can rely on us.

After decades of work, weā€™ve earned a reputation as some of the best in the business. This reputation is one we donā€™t take lightlyā€”weā€™re happy to back it with the quality of our work. Trust Tuscaloosaā€™s best with your next towing or wrecker issue.

Tuscaloosaā€™s oldest wrecking service

We take our reputation as Tuscaloosaā€™s oldest and most reliable wrecking service seriously. We strive to treat each vehicle like itā€™s our own and treat it how weā€™d want our vehicle to be treated. With Fred Robertson Wrecker service, you never have to worry about professionalism or dedication to the work.

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Looking for a reliable wrecker service? Call Fred Robertson Wrecker Service to handle your towing, suspension, and hazmat cleanup needs.


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